cep | Centre for European Policy is the European-policy think tank of the non-profit foundation Stiftung Ordnungspolitik.




  • provides the wider public with up-to-date information and comprehensive background knowledge about policy proposals of the EU,
  • evaluates EU proposals on the basis of modern, liberal, market-based ordoeconomics – before they are adopted
  • highlights economic and legal consequences,
  • drafts practicable policy options for Europe,
  • contributes to greater transparency of the democratic decision-making process in the EU.




  • fulfils the requirements of a non-profit organisation which obliges us to be independent of vested interests and party-politically neutral,
  • keeps systematic and continuous track of economically relevant EU proposals by way of the cepPolicyBriefs, cepInputs, and cepStudies, 
  • keeps a close eye on the European legislative process in the European Parliament and in the Council, 
  • unequivocally supports an interdisciplinary approach characterised by the close cooperation between cep's economists and lawyers.



cep stands for

  • the strengthening of structures which uphold democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe, 
  • a free Europe, 
  • conclusion of the internal market, 
  • exercise of powers in accordance with the treaties and the principle of subsidiarity, 
  • keeping regulation and bureaucracy to a necessary minimum.