Implementing the Global Corporate Minimum Tax: Why are governments so cautious?

cep-Fachbereichsleiter Dr. Matthias Kullas hielt am Mittwoch, 14.9.2022, einen Vortrag am Webinar des European Centre for International Economy. Das Überthema ist eine Minimum-Besteuerung für Unternehmen. Das Webinar fand auf Englisch statt.

"The EU and the US played an important role in encouraging 136 countries to sign up to a global tax deal tabled in October 2021. But a year since the deal was agreed material progress on implementing legislation is hard to find. In the EU, political divisions among EU Member States continue to prevent approval of minimum corporate taxation. The European Commission has pushed toward implementing new rules despite the lack of a clear technical understanding of how the new regime should work in practice."

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. Sie können sich das Webinar unter diesem Link anschauen.