cep’s Freiburg Appeal

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cep’s Freiburg Appeal

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, cep makes an appeal to national and EU politicians as well as to EU citizens.

Based on the realisation that Europe can only succeed together, cep provides a reminder of what has been achieved in the last 60 years, refers to the crises that are currently sending shock waves through the continent and then looks to the future.


Thus, in the words of the Appeal: “The EU, and that means all of us, are standing at a crossroads. It is time to remember that in a democracy not only politics but society as a whole is responsible for the future.”

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cep’s Freiburg Appeal: Europe will only succeed together! (publ. 03.21.2017) PDF 93 KB Download
cep’s Freiburg Appeal: Europe will only succeed together!
Appel du cep de Fribourg: L’Europe ne peut se réussir qu’ensemble! (publ. 03.21.2017) PDF 94 KB Download
„Freiburger Appell“ del cep: ¡Sólo juntos, Europa puede tener éxito! (publ. 03.21.2017) PDF 95 KB Download
Appello del cep di Friburgo: Solo insieme l’Europa sarà un successo! (publ. 03.21.2017) PDF 92 KB Download
Freiburgse oproep van het Centrum voor Europese Politiek: Europa kan alleen samen slagen! (publ. 03.21.2017) PDF 103 KB Download