Publication Archive

This archive contains all documents published by cep over the last few years:

cepAdhoc: Incisive comment on current EU policy issues.

cepPolicyBrief: Concise 4-page reviews of EU proposals (Regulations, Directives, Green Papers, White Papers, Communications) – including a brief summary and economic and legal assessments.

cepInput: Impulse to current discussions of EU policies.

cepStudy: Comprehensive examination of EU policy proposals affecting the economy.




The EU-Commission presents several measures and tools to fight COVID-19 disinformation on online platforms. A cepPolicyBrief assesses the Commission’s approach.


On 10 June 2020, the European Parliament and the Council reached a compromise on amendments to the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR quick-fix). The amendments shall allow banks to channel funds to businesses and households and to absorb the economic shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. cep has assessed the agreement in a cepPolicyBrief.


Following the uncoordinated and in some cases arbitrary closure of national borders as a result of the Corona crisis, the EU Commission has published Guidelines to better coordinate entry restrictions at the internal market borders. In doing so, the EU Commission relies on the cooperation of the Member States. The cep has evaluated the guidelines.


Contact tracing apps will play an important role in the fight against the Coronavirus. The cepAdhoc illustrates the EU privacy and personal data protection framework applicable to them.