Technical Roadside Inspection (Regulation)

Motor vehicles for the commercial use of goods and passengers and their trailers are not only inspected regularly but due to their intense use inspected also randomly and unexpectedly on public roads (“roadside inspections”) in order to be able to assess their compliance with technical rules and environmental requirements at any time. Now the Commission wishes to harmonise and strengthen the existing rules (Directive 2000/30/EC) in order to enhance transport safety and to improve environmental protection.


Expanding the scope to include commercial vehicles below 3.5 t is appropriate, since poorly maintained light commercial vehicles can also jeopardise other road users. The obligation to carry out a visual inspection of the cargo during each roadside inspection and the additional possibility to subject the cargo securing to a detailed inspection raises road transport safety, as this is significantly impacted by cargo and the securing thereof. The transition of a Directive to a Regulation is inappropriate.