Future for Transport (Draft Report)

In 2010, the Commission will publish a White Paper on the European transport policy for the period of 2010-2020. The present Draft Report of the transport committee presents the European Parliament’s prospective of the challenges and key issues of a future European transport policy. Moreover, it defines concrete “measurable” targets for the transport sector to be accomplished by 2020. For instance, CO2 emissions from the road transport are to be reduced by 20% compared to those in 2010. Finally, the Report takes opposition to an inter-modal competition and instead chooses “effective comodality” as the preferred policy approach in the matter.


The new concept of „effective comodality“ promotes the elimination of competition between the different transport modes and, to this end, is questionable from an ordoliberal point of view and harmful to economic efficiency as a whole. The EU should stop defining CO2 reduction targets for road transport only. Rather should all transport modes be included into the CO2 emissions trading system.