Digital Single Market Strategy – Pillar 2 (Communication)

In its Strategy for a Digital Single Market, the Commission lays down numerous measures to strengthen the European digital economy. This cepPolicyBrief deals with the second pillar of the Strategy (Digital networks and services). It deals, inter alia, with the reform of telecommunications regulations, the examination of the rules on audiovisual media services, online platforms, and with the rules on illegal content on the Internet.


Greater European coordination of radio frequency policy and administration may increase economies of scale for cross-border operators. Services provided by OTT players and those provided by telecommunications companies should, insofar as they can be assigned to the same market, receive equal regulatory treatment in order to remove distortions of competition. The market for audiovisual media services is characterised by increasing competition; instead of extending the rules for on-demand media services, restrictive rules on television programmes should be reduced. The Commission should abstain from the creation of a European Regulatory Authority. The pricing policy proposed by the Commission to increase development of the fibre optic network may result in inefficient investments.