Merkel on the brink? German ministers to REJECT plot to prop up Eurozone

LatestNewsNetwork: Last month, Mrs Merkel called for a spirit of compromise on reforming the Eurozone at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, who pressed for solidarity among members of the currency union. However, Matthias Kullas, head of the economic and fiscal department at Centre for European Policy in Germany, said last month that Mr Macron will struggle to convince German conservatives.

Germany and France are at odds over the centralisation of Eurozone finances with Emmanuel Macron calling for greater integration with a Eurozone budget and Eurozone finance minister – paving the way for the potential pooling of Eurozone debt. cepExpert Kullas said: “European countries have very different traditions”. On the idea of one bloc-wide finance minister holding the pursestrings for all national spending on everything from schools, policing, transport and healthcare, he added: “Each side will fear that a eurozone finance minister would favour the other side.” ...read on