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Trump has won – consequences for Europe

The primary consequence of Trump's election will be uncertainty. No-one, probably not even Trump himself, knows what Trump really stands for and whether he will implement his numerous, sometimes contradictory, announcements

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CETA agreement signed

The EU and Canada finally agreed on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)



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CETA clears constitutional court hurdle

The Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court has rejected numerous applications for an interim injunction to prevent Germany's approval of the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

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Brexit and its consequences for the EU


There are three options for the UK to preserve access to the EU single market or at least to parts of it (in order of integration with the EU from high to low)

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Rule of Law: Recommendation to Poland

The European Commission has adopted a Rule of Law Recommendation on the situation in Poland, setting out the Commission's concerns and recommending how these can be addressed.

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Decision on fines for Spain and Portugal

The EU Commission is expected to provide for penalties in Spain and Portugal on Wednesday

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Banking crisis in Italy

Italy’s banking system is struggling with non-performing loans totaling 360 billion Euros

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Trying to reanimate the EU Stability Pact

EU-Council finds that Portugal and Spain have not taken effective action against their deficits. 

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‘Sword of Damocles’ is hanging over Spain and Portugal

EU Commission has announced further action against deficit offenders Spain and Portugal

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Slovakia takes over the EU Presidency

Following the Netherlands and against the background of the Brexit and the refugee crisis, Slovakia today takes on the EU presidency until December. For this reason, the European Commission is to meet today in Bratislava.

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