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Agreement on the Posting of Workers Directive

At the trilogue meeting on 28 February 2018, the EU Parliament, the Council and the EU Commission agreed on a common stance for reforming the Posting of Workers Directive.

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Better cross-border protection for consumers

The new EU regulation to improve cooperation between national consumer protection authorities - the so-called CPC regulation - is now in force.

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The way to Brexit is paved with good intentions

The EU Commission has announced a breakthrough in the Brexit talks. EU Commission President Juncker recommend entering the second phase of the negotiations now.

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Green light for Macron's reform package

The French National Assembly has ratified the regulations reforming the French labour market by a large majority.

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European Parliament defuses SatCab regulation

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the Committee on Legal Affairs voted in the European Parliament on the new SatCab regulation and reached an agreement

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"Clean mobility": new CO2 limits for passenger cars and light vans

EU Commission presents legislative package to promote clean mobility

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Data protection friends assert themselves once again

The data-protection-friendly camp in the European Parliament has regained a foothold in the negotiations on the e-privacy regulation

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Slow Brexit talks

It is more than unlikely that the EU's leaders will decide to negotiate future trade relations between the EU and the United Kingdom at the European Council on 19 October.

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EU and Japan reach free trade deal

At their Summit in Brussels, the European Union and Japan have reached a political agreement on a free-trade deal

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Brexit: Begin of EU-U.K. negotiations

Almost a year after the "Brexit“ referendum of June 23, 2016 and almost three months after U. K. Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter formally triggering the withdrawal process on March 28, 2017, Brexit negotiations between the EU and U.K. have...

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