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We want a better Europe, not a British Europe, says EPP parliamentary leader

Manfred Weber makes remarks in interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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Support in Finland for membership in the eurozone weakens further

Only 54 percent want to keep the euro, poll shows

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EU Court of Justice stops minimum alcohol pricing legislation in Scotland

ECJ reasons that "a tax measure might provide additional benefits and a broader response to the objective of combating alcohol misuse"

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EU Court of Justice to deliver verdict on minimum alcohol pricing tomorrow

Foreign wine producers claim that Scottish government proposal on minimum pricing would distort the market

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EU Commission's border protection proposal seen running into resistance

The proposal to give the EU Commission the power to send forces unbidden into member states to defend the common European frontier will face resistance from some countries, EurActiv reports

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Reports: EU plans to introduce permanent border control force

The European border control force could be deployed even without the respective EU member state’s consent, the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal reported

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EU Commission presents action plan to modernise EU copyright rules

cep expert Iris Hohmann tells German business daily Handelsblatt that the Commission's proposals are rather disappointing

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EU Commission takes first steps to broaden access to online content

The proposed regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services addresses the current restrictions in order to allow EU residents to travel with the digital content they have purchased or subscribed to at home

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Ecofin Council agrees on bridge financing for Single Resolution Fund

Member states are to provide national credit lines of up to 55 billion euros as a backstop to the Single Resolution Fund

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Euro states to dicuss details of Greek debt relief, Austria's Schelling says

However, there will be no nominal debt haircut for Greece, the Austrian finance minister tells Stuttgarter Zeitung

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