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Cameron wants to present his EU reform demands in early November

The cep believes that the British Prime Minister will not be able to push through major reform changes in his negotations with the other member states

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EIB President Hoyer: "We are already pretty far with the Juncker Plan"

Hoyer tells Bloomberg News that the EU investment plan will achieve as much as 15 percent of its target volume by year end

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EU Transport Ministers agree on liberalising domestic rail passenger services

Train companies would have non-discriminatory access to the network in all EU countries

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Dijsselbloem: Debt cut talks to happen only once Greece passed reform review

cep economist Kullas says Greek debt should only be lowered when country has actually implemented bulk of reforms

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Cameron reportedly urged by own ministers to delay EU referendum

Negotiations on EU reforms have stalled as member states battle migrant crisis, The Sun reports

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Action plan and first meaures for the Capital Markets Union

cep supports plan to establish a Capital Markets Union

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EU's Moscovici says euro states should have joint finance minister

Moscovici's proposal follows Juncker's call for a eurozone Treasury

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Rating agency S&P lowers outlook on Finland to negative from stable

cep already last year stressed the urgent need for action in Finland

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"It is a vast mine field which Tsipras has to cross now"

cep economist Kullas tells Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the reforms agreed with international lenders will be painful for many Greeks

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Greek debt relief is at the top of Tsipras agenda, Reuters cites Syriza source

cep economist Kullas says a nominal haircut would impact stronger than extending maturities or lowering interest rates

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