Transeuropean Transport Network (Green Paper)

The European Commission is not satisfied with the development of the transeuropean transport system. In its Green Paper the Commission presents its visison of a future TEN-T policy and three options for action. Obviously it aims at the establishment of a "priority network" instead of a "core network" in future. In this context the Commission wants the transnational projects to be chosen by rational and comprehensible criteria.


Abandoning the hitherto envisaged "comprehensive network" that consists also of purely national sections in favour of a priority network is to be welcomed. EU coordination is necessary only in projects of cross-border relevance which generate a European added value. It is further to be welcomed that the Commission demands a consistent and comprehensible choice of projects for the future. With regard to financing TEN-T the Commission is considering to issue Eurobonds - which is to be rejected. Instead public-private partnership models should be increasingly applied.