Trans-European Transport Network (Regulation)

The EU wishes to establish a “complete and integrated trans-European transport network” (TEN-T) which includes all transport modes and a “dual-layer structure”. To this end, the Commission wishes to enhance coordination in planning and the design of a sound governance structure. TEN-T is to meet the mobility and transport needs within the EU and third countries, guarantee the “accessibility“ of all regions of  the EU and remove bottlenecks in transport.


Due to a lack of investment incentives for individual Member States, the promotion of cross-border infrastructure projects, in particular of the core network, is appropriate in principle. Linking central transport nodes to form a consistent core network increases the efficiency of transport infrastructures and thus constitutes a European added value. The use of “European coordinators” can help reduce the costs of a common approach. However, the adoption of the TEN-T guidelines in the form of a regulation is unlawful.