Three Steps Towards a European Health Union (cepInput)


The  Centrum für Europäische Politik calls for a change of the EU treaties. According to the Freiburg think tank, the Conference on the Future of Europe should pave the way towards a European Health Union. "The EU treaties should be amended to give the EU additional competences in certain areas," says cep health expert Dr Patrick Stockebrandt.


The scientist from Freiburg advocates three steps towards a true European Health Union. "Firstly, clinical assessments of medicinal products and medical devices to determine their respective therapeutic added value should be carried out in a uniform manner across the EU. Secondly, electronic health services should be available throughout the EU. And thirdly, there must be common binding criteria for the reliable collection of pandemic data," says Stockebrandt.

With the three notions formulated in its new study, the  Centrum für Europäische Politik wants to initiate a broad public debate before the start of the Conference on the Future of Europe.