The Consumer Markets Scoreboard (Communication)

The Commission intends to screen the performance of certain product and service markets by way of a "Consumer Markets Scoreboard". The Commission assumes that citizens expect markets to deliver best possible outcomes in the interest of consumers which, at the same time, should be socially acceptable. Where, according to the Consumer Markets Scoreboard, "market malfunctions" are detected regulations or measures in the field of competition law or consumer policy are to be introduced. Alongside its Communication the Commission presented a first Consumer Markets Scoreboard containing the results of various consumer surveys and price research, yet without drawing any concrete conclusions.


It is not consistent with the principles of a free market economy to prescribe desirable market outcomes. To this end, the Commission is challenging the concept of an autonomous consumer and reveals a fundamental lack of understanding of the functioning of markets. As a consequence, this approach might lead to a significant increase of political intervention into the economic market.