Sound Level of Motor Vehicles (Regulation)

Motor vehicles and their exhaust systems are subject to an EU-wide type-approval procedure which, among other things, prescribes noise emission limits and a uniform test method. The existing test method is to be replaced, since according to the Commission the test procedure does not reflect real world driving behaviour. At the same time it wishes to lower the noise limit values in order to ensure a high level of environmental protection and public safety.


Lowering noise limit values creates innovation incentives for vehicle producers to develop quieter vehicles. The proposed reduction targets of a total of three or four decibel in connection with the relatively short adjustment periods of two to five years leads to an increase in vehicle prices. Cars with a high power to mass ratio index should not be granted preferential treatment, since noise impact is not dependent on this ratio. The material core provisions of the legal act must not be amended by the Commission through delegated acts since they constitute essential provisions.