Single Market Act (Communication)

The Commission wishes to revive the single market with the Single Market Act, incorporating it into the economic strategy “Europe 2020” for sustainable growth and increased employment. The Commission has made 50 proposals, both legislative and non-legislative, which are to be adopted by 2012. The idea is that by “completing, deepening and making full use of the single market” an annual potential growth of 4% of the GDP over the next ten years can be achieved.


The majority of measures proposed by the Commission are qualified to advance the integration of the single market. Motivated by industrial policy, however, and therefore to be rejected, is the Commission’s attempt to privilege investments which have been politically chosen by the strategy “Europe 2020” and the proposal to use public procurement as a lever for innovation, green policy or employment. To be equally rejected is the planned issuing of project-related bonds through the Commission, as in fact, this falls under the responsibility of the European Investment Bank.