Re-Use of Public Sector Information (PSI) (Communication)

The public sector possesses extensive information such as satellite images, judicial decisions or statistics ("Public Sector Information" - PSI), all of which can serve as raw material for products and services offered by private providers such as navigation systems, weather forecasts or financial services. The Directive 2003/98/EC (“PSI Directive“) is to remove barriers to the private use (“re-use”) of PSI in the internal market. The aim of the Communication is to review the impact thus far of the PSI Directive and to show new ways to tap the full economic potential in re-using PSI.


The Commission’s wish to make already existing public sector information available to all at a charge of marginal cost is to be welcomed in principle. Nevertheless, in so doing the intellectual property rights of third parties must not be affected. For that reason, especially the Commission’s consideration to make scientific information paid for by the public purse available to all is to be rejected.