Part 2: Regulatory and Financial Burdens of EU-legislation in four Member states


Employment contracts, pay slips, proof of medical examination: European family businesses are groaning under bureaucratic  burdens that leads to inefficiencies – first, by the requirements of the European Union itself and second, by the impractical  implementation and operation on the national level. Moreover, different rules in individual member states complicate the process. This can be seen in the posting of workers across national borders.


This empirical study is based on a large number of interviews and examines four EU member states: Germany, France, Italy and Austria. It takes a look at the density of regulations and the economic costs in business practice. This study is the second part of a four-volume research project.

The researchers have listed concrete recommendations for the posting of workers:

  • harmonising the requirements for all countries
  • combining posting notifications and the A1 certificate in one online portal
  • proactively providing companies with information and assistance
  • creating exceptions for short-term postings.

You can find the study on the Website of the Foundation for Family Businesses:


To the Study "Regulatory and financial burdens of EU legislation in four Member States – a comparative studyVol. 2: Burdens arising from the Posting of Workers Directive"