Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) (Regulation)

The MFF sets the legally binding ceilings for the annual budgets in advance and thus serves to maintain the budgetary discipline and the transparency of the budgetary procedure. The Commission proposes an EU financial volume to the amount of 1.11% of GNI (1,083 bn Euro). It is to consist of the actual MFF to the amount of 1.05% of GNI (1,025 bn Euro) and ), and further “possible“ expenditures outside the MFF to the amount of 0.06% of GNI (58 bn Euro) which are increased compared to the volume of 2007-2013.


The expenditure ceilings provided by the MFF ensure that political decision-making processes do not lead to excess spending. Therefore, the expenditures not covered by the MFF should, contrary to the Commission’s plans, under no circumstances be increased. All budget-relevant issues should be subject to the MFF Regulation.