Key Enabling Technologies (Communication)

According to the Commission key enabling technologies are of “systemic relevance“ for the European economy and provide the basis for process, goods and service innovation. Therefore, a process is to be launched whose purpose is to identify and promote the key enabling technologies in the EU. The research base for the development of key enabling technologies in the EU is to be strengthened through “the right framework conditions and support instruments“.Synergy effects created by a better coordination of research promotion and joint action by Member States are assumed to be beneficial to European companies. The Commission promotes the establishment of an EU patent and a unified patent litigation system in Europe.


The selection of key enabling technologies at state level as intended by the Commission assumes a degree of knowledge which politicians do not have. Moreover, the planned fostering of the development of close-to-market key enabling technologies leads to distortion of competition between both technologies and companies. The aimed for coordination should therefore be limited to projects where the deployment of benefits of economies of scope and scale is ensured. It is to be expressly welcomed that the Commission promotes the introduction of an EU patent and a unified patent litigation system in Europe. This increases the incentive to invest in research and development.