Energy Efficiency (Directive)

The Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012 is to be amended. A stricter, and now also binding, energy savings target of 30% by 2030 will apply in the EU. In order to achieve this target, the Member States will be subject to detailed energy savings obligations. Thus, they will also have to ensure that the energy consumption of end customers falls by 1.5% per year post 2020.


By contrast with emissions trading, tightening the energy savings target to a binding 30% EU-wide does not constitute a targeted or cost-effective way of achieving the actual environmental and energy policy targets – climate protection and security of supply. Detailed energy savings obligations for the Member States - like the duty for end-customers to save 1.5% per year in energy - are therefore misguided. In addition, they are in breach of the principle of subsidiarity and place an unreasonable burden on households in the Member States.