A Healthy Europe: Von der Leyen’s tasks for the new EU Commission – Part 4 (cepAdhoc)


A cepAdhoc assesses the core health policy tasks which von der Leyen will be entrusting to the assigned Commissioners. Vice-President Schinas, in Public Health, and Executive Vice-President Timmermans, in Food Safety and Animal and Plant Protection, will work together with Commissioner Kyriakides.


In cep's view, some of the demands being made of future EU health policy look like an attempt to square the circle. Ensuring that the population is supplied with affordable medicines whilst also supporting the European pharmaceutical industry will not be an easy task since these are two conflicting aims. By contrast, the request to make the most of the potential of e-health in order to guarantee high-quality healthcare and reduce inequalities is certainly appropriate. The EU should continue with voluntary cooperation and concentrate in this regard on further developing the European Electronic Health Record exchange format as this is precisely what will make it much easier for EU citizens to utilise cross-border healthcare.