Dimensions and Weights of Commercial Vehicles (Directive)

The maximum permitted size and weight of commercial vehicles is regulated EU-wide. The Commission now wants to permit exemptions to the maximum limits to allow more aerodynamic tractor cabs and streamlining devices on the rear (flaps) in order to reduce fuel consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The maximum weight of commercial vehicles with electric and hybrid-engines will also be increased because these are heavier than conventional trucks and this reduces their permitted load.


The exemptions to the maximum permitted dimensions offer the possibility, of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the costs of transport companies. In this regard, it is the market rather than policy that determines the most efficient measures for reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Not only should two-axle commercial vehicles with electric and hybrid-engines be allowed to be heavier, but also those with three or more axles in order thereby to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ability to exceed the permitted vehicle lengths for containers by 15 cm, without a special permit, reduces the cost of freight transport.