CO2 Reduction beyond 20% (Communication)

The latest economic crisis has led to a substantial reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission is examining the option of tightening greenhouse gas emission targets in 2020 from 20% to 30%. At the same time, it stresses that the current Communication’s purpose “is not to decide now” to move to a 30% target since “the conditions set are have clearly not yet been met”. However, it keeps this option still open.


It is to be welcomed that the Commission does not favour an additional carbon reduction by 30% instead of 20% by 2020. However, it is alarming that the Commission keeps this option open. For while going it alone would incur costs to the EU, it would not generate any benefits in terms of climate policy. Against this background, it is comprehensible why, according to the Commission’s projection, the EU should bear almost the double costs for climate action in 2020. Particularly, in view of the latest economic crisis, the economy should not be burdened with additional expenses.