Artificial Intelligence for Europe – Pillar 1: Investment in AI (Communication)


The EU wants to support the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to safeguard the EU’s global competitiveness. For this purpose, the EU Commission has submitted two Communications and a “Coordinated Plan” in which it proposes a three-pillar “AI Strategy”.


In cep’s view, coordinating AI research will help to avoid unnecessary duplication of publicly financed research projects. However, the proposal to select certain AI applications as particularly worthy of support and to give them priority when channelling funds is questionable.

This cepPolicyBrief on the first pillar, deals with the main aim of the strategy which is to support and coordinate investment in AI. Further cepPolicyBriefs relating to the second pillar (Adapting education and social systems) and to the third pillar (Ethical and legal framework for AI) will follow.