A European Green Deal: Von der Leyen’s tasks for the new EU Commission – Part 2 (cepAdhoc)


The cep evaluates in five cepAdhocs Ursula von der Leyen's central work assignments to the new EU commissioners. The second one deals with the topic "A European Green Deal", for which Frans Timmermans will be responsible as Executive Vice-President.


From cep's point of view, there is both light and shade in the work assignments for the coordination of climate, energy, environment and transport policy. The cep positively evaluates approaches for stronger cross-border cooperation between EU Member States, e.g. to strengthen the internal electricity market. The cep criticises that energy efficiency requirements should be a priority. In contrast, the cep calls for the reduction of CO2 emissions to be effective and cost-efficient. This can be better achieved in all economic sectors through CO2 pricing in the form of emissions trading.