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Guest Articles and Interviews in the Press and Reports in Selected Online Media in the Current Year

cep's analyses and commentaries, surveys and assessments carry substantial weight in the public debate. The total number of articles each year, in print media alone, gives rise to a circulation of about 50 million. cep is quoted by all the prominent media and news agencies responsible for shaping public opinion in the German-speaking as well as in the international area, e.g. AFP, AGI Agenzia Italia, AP, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, The Prague Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The cepPolicyBriefs appear regularly in Polish in the national daily Rzeczpospolita.


Euro Zone Reform: EU power play misses goal

Handelsblatt Global: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented his ambitious reform agenda despite German efforts to postpone it. That won’t help his cause.

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Germany warms to Macron

POLITICO Global Policy Lab looks at France and how the new government can boost competitiveness and prepare its workforce for the modern economy.

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Think tank says proposed EU services e-card is ‘unlawful and problematic’

According to diginomica, The Centre for European Policy has criticised many aspects of the European Commission’s proposed e-card to create a closer knit EU services market.

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Berlín celebrates Macron´s victory but looks with disapproval at his ideas for the euro-area

The spanish daily El Pais reports about Europe after Macron´s victory quoting Bert Van Roosebeke from cep.

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POLITICO Brexit Files

Since 2012, the U.K. has continuously spent more money than it had available each year, a new report by the Center for European Policy, a German think tank, found Tuesday.

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Report: U.K. Creditworthiness Sinking Ahead of Brexit

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POLITICO Morning Exchange: EU creditworthiness

EU Members' Ability to Repay their Loans - not a pretty picture, says POLITICO. Investors and policymakers of a nervous disposition should avoid the latest report by the Centre for European Policy, a German think tank, on EU countries’...

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L’idée d’une Europe à plusieurs vitesses

"C’est la solution la plus réaliste", juge Lüder Gerken, président du Centre de politique européenne de Fribourg (Allemagne) en journal La Croix.

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Britain could strike a 'Ukraine Plus' style Brexit deal

Business Insider: Since Brits voted to leave the European Union last June, all manner of different Brexit models have been mentioned, but a whole new type of deal has now been suggested by think-tank, the Centre for European Policy.

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cep's “Ukraine Plus” model

POLITICO: We’ve heard about the Norwegian and Swiss systems for life outside the EU, how about the “Ukraine Plus” model? The Center for European Policy has more.

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