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Guest Articles and Interviews in the Press and Reports in Selected Online Media in the Current Year

cep's analyses and commentaries, surveys and assessments carry substantial weight in the public debate. The total number of articles each year, in print media alone, gives rise to a circulation of about 50 million. cep is quoted by all the prominent media and news agencies responsible for shaping public opinion in the German-speaking as well as in the international area, e.g. AFP, AGI Agenzia Italia, AP, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, The Prague Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The cepPolicyBriefs appear regularly in Polish in the national daily Rzeczpospolita.


‘Merkel’s exit won’t hurt her influence abroad’

Analysts as Lueder Gerken are not so sure. This is reported by international media. After Merkel's announcement, the chairman of the Centre for European Politics said: 

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Besieged Merkel seeks escape as rebellion mounts

Financial Times on the German Chancellor’s domestic problems and the migration spat that cast shadow over EU leaders’ summit

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The case against a European Monetary Fund

cep's latest policy brief cited by Financial Times, Good King News, Political News

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Merkel on the brink? German ministers to REJECT plot to prop up Eurozone

LatestNewsNetwork: Last month, Mrs Merkel called for a spirit of compromise on reforming the Eurozone at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, who pressed for solidarity among members of the currency union. However, Matthias Kullas, head...

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Eurozone on verge of Debt-Pooling

Macron urges Spain to back controversial plans for a european minister of finance, reports the "Express". But not all Eurozone countries favour Macron’s push, says cep-expert Matthias Kullas.

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L'economista Gerken: «Il nuovo governo non risolleverà l'Italia»

L'analista tedesco del Centrum für Europäische Politik a Lettera 43: Fuga di capitali e debito pubblico enorme: siete in un baratro. E non si profila un esecutivo politico in grado di tirarvi fuori.

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German analyst: "The coalition agreement has more of Juncker than Macron"

Good news for Europe? The draft of the German coalition agreement speaks “a new beginning for Europe” in the next four years. Political analyst Matthias Kullas explains on EURACTIV what the coalition deal means for possible European reforms.

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Merkel reaches German coalition deal after week of talks

The Centre for European Policy said the agreement was an “important signal” for Germany’s European partners, especially the French President, The Irish Sun reports.

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Impatient Europe hails German coalition breakthrough

cep on France 24 (International News): European leaders welcomed a breakthrough Friday in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bid to form a coalition, hoping it will end months of political paralysis and unblock key EU reforms.

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“We want a United States of Europe,” thundered Martin Schulz

POLITICO: “Schulz is alienating those countries in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia that are opposed to closer integration and that want to preserve the role of national governments,” said Lüder Gerken, head of Centrum für Europäische Politik, a...

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