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Guest Articles and Interviews in the Press and Reports in Selected Online Media in the Current Year

cep's analyses and commentaries, surveys and assessments carry substantial weight in the public debate. The total number of articles each year, in print media alone, gives rise to a circulation of about 50 million. cep is quoted by all the prominent media and news agencies responsible for shaping public opinion in the German-speaking as well as in the international area, e.g. AFP, AGI Agenzia Italia, AP, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, The Prague Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The cepPolicyBriefs appear regularly in Polish in the national daily Rzeczpospolita.


Reino Unido se sale del mercado único europeo

El Nuevo Herald (Miami): “Los británicos han puesto fin a las especulaciones y aportaron un mayor claridad (…). Es algo positivo para las futuras negociaciones”, consideró Lüder Gerken, presidente del Centro de Política Europea de Friburgo...

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Niemiecki ekspert: Bez paniki!

DW: Bez paniki - twierdzi po wyborach w USA niemiecki eskpert. Zwycięstwo Trumpa może mieć negatywne skutki dla relacji transatlantyckich, ale chyba nie będzie "głupich decyzji na arenie międzynarodowej".

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El “efecto-Trump” sacude las Bolsas, pero menos que el “Brexit”

Victoria del Republicano Trump hizo temblar los mercados financieros, dice La Hora en Guatemala. También a Europa le tocará algo, ya que Trump quiere imponer los intereses estadounidenses en el mundo más que su predecesor, apuntó Lüder Gerken,...

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Brexit and its consequences for the EU

Economic experts went to great lengths to warn voters about the risks of Brexit, but British voters have decided to withdraw from the European Union. How serious the consequences for the British will be is going to depend on two factors – how quickly...

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EU's first summit since Brexit could show cracks in group's unity

USA Today with a statement by Van Roosebeke/ cep on the EU informal summit in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Britain's Departure Likely to Cost EU Billions

The EU wants to set the course for its future without Britain. One important issue is likely to be ignored by European leaders: The fact that Brexit is going to be expensive for Europe, especially for Germany. This is the conclusion of the new cep...

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Cost of bailouts to EU crisis countries left to Germany

Express, UK: Germany is being short changed by the financially unstable countries it helped bail out, according to German based Centre for European Policy.

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The Irish Times on the financing gap in Europe

cep, a leading think tank, has come to a similar conclusion about EU finances without Britain, noting that, in 2015, the British per-head contribution to the EU actually topped the German per-head payments.

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Can the EU survive Brexit?

Britain's vote to become the first country to leave the EU opens up a Pandora's box of uncertainties, Expatica cited analysts.

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Economist: Brexit is not a good deal

How serious the consequences for the British will be is going to depend on two factors – how quickly they deal with the EU and how they go about it, cep economic expert Bert Van Roosebeke explains in an interview with EurActiv Germany.

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