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Guest Articles and Interviews in the Press and Reports in Selected Online Media in the Current Year

cep's analyses and commentaries, surveys and assessments carry substantial weight in the public debate. The total number of articles each year, in print media alone, gives rise to a circulation of about 50 million. cep is quoted by all the prominent media and news agencies responsible for shaping public opinion in the German-speaking as well as in the international area, e.g. AFP, AGI Agenzia Italia, AP, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, The Prague Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The cepPolicyBriefs appear regularly in Polish in the national daily Rzeczpospolita.


New commission faces major energy hurdles over next five years

Energy Policy Weekly: Five years later: how energy took centre-stage in Brussel

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The potential contribution of the shipping sector to an efficient reduction of global carbon dioxide emissions

Science Direct: Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 42, October 2014, Pages 56–66

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Calm After a Bank’s Collapse in Portugal Could Signal Eurozone Resiliency

The New York Times: International Business

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Banking union under fire

Prague Post: Berlin professor files complaints in constitutional court over ECB’s authority

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Fracking debate intensifies in Germany

Newseurope: Sigmar Gabriel hopes to introduce key points for the regulation of fracking in Germany before the Bundestag convenes for the summer.

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Russian gas cut ticking time bomb, not immediate threat

Economic Times: Russia's decision to cut gas supplies to Ukraine carries few immediate risks for European consumers, analysts say, with plenty of gas already in storage and little demand during summer

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ECJ decision pivotal in debate over Germany’s green subsidies

euractiv.com: A complaint raised by a Finnish wind turbine operator in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could add an unpredictable dynamic to the debate over the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), with experts forecasting rising energy...

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The EU Is Enacting A Massive Overhaul Of Europe's Financial System

Business Insider: Finance

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EU lawmakers complete set of biggest financial reforms since euro introduction

Times Colonist: The European Union's Parliament on Tuesday completed the biggest overhaul of the bloc's financial system since the introduction of the euro currency, passing laws to minimize the risk and cost posed by failing banks

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European Union lawmakers enact new financial rules

Portland Press Herald: They create a European authority with the power to restructure failing banks and also protect deposits.

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