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Guest Articles and Interviews in the Press and Reports in Selected Online Media in the Current Year

cep's analyses and commentaries, surveys and assessments carry substantial weight in the public debate. The total number of articles each year, in print media alone, gives rise to a circulation of about 50 million. cep is quoted by all the prominent media and news agencies responsible for shaping public opinion in the German-speaking as well as in the international area, e.g. AFP, AGI Agenzia Italia, AP, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, The Prague Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today. The cepPolicyBriefs appear regularly in Polish in the national daily Rzeczpospolita.


"Border controls have to remain an exception"

cep legal expert Urs Poetzsch in an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle on plans by some EU leaders for stricter border controls

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German Finance Minister Schaeuble at cep event in Berlin

Schaeuble’s appearance at the cep jubilee event on Wednesday evening is a central topic in the media

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"The importance of the SSM is enormous"

Bert Van Roosebeke talks with AFP about Europe's banking watchdog, the Single Supervisory Mechanism

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Not ready to prevent 'Grexit' at any cost

Matthias Kullas talks to Handelsblatt Global Edition about the negotiations of the euro states with Greece

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"Greece is a stand-alone case"

Bert Van Roosebeke speaks to Germany's Deutsche Welle radio about the Greek crisis

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European Central Bank, financial linchpin in Greece debt talks

Effectively, "the ECB is the sole European body that can pull the plug" on the Greek economy, Matthias Kullas (cep) told The Economic Times. 

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La BCE, clé de voute malgré elle des négociations sur la Grèce

Libération: Le fait que la BCE, institution non élue, puisse à tout moment «débrancher» l’économie grecque la place dans une «situation inconfortable», assure à l’AFP Matthias Kullas, du Centre de politique européenne (CEP).

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German Challenge: EU Court of Justice backs ECB on bond buying

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) rejected a German lawsuit that sought to block the ECB from buying government bonds of ailing eurozone countries. In Handelsblatt Global Edition Bert Van Roosebeke said the ECJ seemed to place barely any limit on...

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La justice européenne conforte la BCE dans ses programmes de rachat de dettes

Libération: «La Cour européenne de justice ne met aucune limite à la BCE pour acheter des titres de dette», relevait Bert Van Roosebeke, du Centre de politique européenne de Fribourg (sud de l’Allemagne).

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Victory for Draghi as court backs bond-buying plan

Financial Times with comments by cep economist Bert Van Roosebeke on the decision by the ECJ that the program for the purchase of bonds on secondary markets does not exceed the powers of the ECB

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