ECJ decision pivotal in debate over Germany’s green subsidies

euractiv.com: A complaint raised by a Finnish wind turbine operator in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could add an unpredictable dynamic to the debate over the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), with experts forecasting rising energy costs and the end of exclusively national green energy subsidisation

Götz Reichert, an energy expert at the Centrum für Europäische Politik (CEP), expressed his view in a statement for EurActiv Germany: "If the ECJ actually follows the Advocate-General, then this will also affect the German EEG." Up until now, green energy support was restricted to only subsidising national producers in Germany. "This partitioning would hardly be able to continue", explained the energy expert. Because, he said, regarding admissibility – of quotas as well as feed-in models – it ultimately depends on whether these are a justifiable derogation of the free movement of goods guaranteed under EU law, based on environmental protection. But here in particular, there is considerable doubt over whether or not a European approach is superior to national support schemes. If this ends up being the case, Germany too could be required to extend the EEG's support scheme to foreign energy providers after a certain transition period, said Reichert.