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On 7 October 2008 the Council called for an increase of the coverage level for deposit guarantee schemes. Depositor confidence which was severely damaged through the bank crisis should be restored by such measures. The proposal submitted by the Commission first provides for an increase in the coverage level of EUR 20,000 to EUR 50,000 retroactively as of 15 October 2008 and then for an increase to EUR 100,000 effective as of 1 January 2010.


The EU Commission wishes to promote the circulation of electronic money by simplifying the legal requirements for the institutions concerned. The issuance of money is to be supervised according to its actual economic risk potential. Hence, the Directive treats institutions licensed to issue e-money different from credit institutions. Moreover, e-money institutions will be entitled to engage in further business activities. 


The EU Commission has proposed an amended version of the existing directive for harmonised investment funds ("UCITS"). The proposal contains new rules simplifying cross-border marketing and mergers of investment funds. Moreover, investor information on UCITS shall be presented more concisely in the future.