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EU Commission to put forward proposals for a deposit guarantee scheme

The cep, however, believes  that there is no compelling case for a deposit guarantee scheme for the Eurozone

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Greek parliament narrowly passes reform bill agreed with lenders

The bill introduces harsher rules on home foreclosures


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Greece and its lenders reach deal to unlock fresh rescue money

Main sticking point was easing restrictions to evict homeowners who have fallen into arrears on their mortgages

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Schaeuble reaffirms opposition to common deposit guarantee scheme

"On this I'm quite stubborn," the minister said at a cep event in Berlin on Wednesday evening

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The Single Supervisory Mechanism celebrates its first anniversary

SSM started work on November 4, 2014 when it was entrusted with overseeing 123 banking groups within the eurozone

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Germany's Finance Ministry says Greece must fully implement reforms

"Of course Greece needs to fulfill the memorandum," minstry spokesman Jaeger says

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Steinmeier urges Greece to implement reforms as agreed with creditors

cep chairman Lüder Gerken says a debt haircut for Greece is inevitable as is a fourth aid package

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"The EU is better with Britain in it, Britain is better within the EU"

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an op-ed piece for The Times promises a "fair deal for Britain"

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Politico: EU Commission wants to sideline European Parliament on reforms

According to the report, the EU Commission wants to move the EU reform talks with Britain forward more quickly

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France wants swift start of talks on debt relief for Greece

French President Hollande says in Athens that "next step has to be on debt and this must start soon"

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