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Part 3: Regulatory and Financial Burdens of EU-legislation in four Member states


Economic & Fiscal...

European family businesses are groaning under bureaucratic burdens that leads to inefficiencies - first, by the requirements of the European Union itself and 



More competitiveness, resilience and sovereignty for the EU (cepAdhoc)


Economic & Fiscal...

The EU is under pressure both geopolitically and in terms of its industrial policy, and is in danger of being left behind by the USA and China. Last week, 


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Ban on Commission in Financial Services Markets (cepStudy)


Financial Markets

The Commission of the European Union assesses commission bans for financial products and intends to submit a proposal on 3 May. Supporters of the ban hope for 



Strategic Resource Partnerships (cepInput)


Economic & Fiscal...

Rare earths, renewable energies, knowledge: In the global competition for secure supply chains, critical resources are increasingly coming into focus. The 


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Product Liability (cepPolicyBrief COM(2022) 495)


Consumer & Health

More rights in damage cases: The Commission has presented a recast of the Product Liability Directive. The directive dates back to 1985 and is to be adapted to