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A Value Chain Strategy for a Vital EU Bioeconomy (cepInput)


Economic & Fiscal...

Biotechnology has long since become a global job engine. However, compared to the US and China, Europe is lagging in terms of innovation dynamics. This is the 


Cultured Meat (cepAdhoc)


Consumer & Health

With a world population set to reach 9,7 billion in 2050, and the associated problems of food availability, cultured meat has become a central issue for the 


DALL-E 3 via ChatGPT with own prompt.

Strategic Autonomy in EU Space Policy (cepInput)


Economic & Fiscal...

In March, the European Union intends to present a European strategy for the economic use of space. The Centre for European Policy (cep) calls for a stronger 


Figure generated by DALL-E 3 via ChatGPT with own prompt.

Resisting or Rebooting the Rise of the Robots? (cepStudy)


Digital Economy

Artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionise the world of work. While earlier technological advances enhanced the skills of employees and thus increased 



Farmer Crisis (cepAdhoc)


Single Market &...

Over the past few weeks, violent protests by farmers have shaken Europe. At a time when the sector has been hard hit by the war in Ukraine, with rising fuel and