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Ukrainian Agricultural Imports into the EU (cepAdhoc)


Single Market &...

While the war in Ukraine is still raging, the EU has decided to reintroduce tariffs on key Ukrainian agricultural products. This decision may sound like a 


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A Global Gateway to Secure Supply Chains? (cepStudy)


Economic & Fiscal...

Whether in digital technology, energy or transport, the European Commission wants to tie emerging and developing countries more closely to the EU economy. Up to 



Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector (cepPolicyBrief)



The EU wants to expand recycling in the automotive sector. The Centre for European Policy (cep) welcomes the plans in principle. However, according to a new 


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Between Regional Elections and Italian Leadership (cepAdhoc)


EU Treaties &...

Italy recently held regional elections that could have a major impact on European politics as a whole. The elections in Sardinia and Abruzzo have confirmed the 


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Financial Data Access (cepPolicyBrief)


Financial Markets

The European Commission wants to remove barriers so that third parties can more easily develop new products and services using customer data from financial