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This archive contains all documents published by cep over the last few years:

cepAdhoc: Incisive comment on current EU policy issues

cepPolicyBrief: Concise reviews of EU proposals (Regulations, Directives, Green Papers, White Papers, Communications) – including an executive summary

cepInput: Impulse to current challenges of EU policies

cepStudy: Comprehensive examination of EU policy proposals affecting the economy




Blood, plasma and other Substances of Human Origin (SoHOs) are becoming increasingly important, especially in the fight against rare diseases. Since essential products are not sufficiently available in the EU, dependence on imports, especially from the USA, is growing. The Centrum für Europäische Politik (cep) believes that the Commission's goal of providing better care for EU citizens in the future is right - but that some of the planned measures are questionable.


The European Union wants to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. To this end, a separate emissions trading system for buildings and road transport is to be introduced. The Centrum für Europäische Politik (cep) is opposing demands from member states and the European Parliament to suspend or soften the introduction in view of skyrocketing energy prices.


Lithium, cobalt, rare earths: The energy transition and electromobility require substantial quantities of critical metals. The prerequisite is a new European risk management in business and politics. Until now, many raw materials have come from autocratic states – especially China. The Centrum für Europäische Politik (cep) has developed a multi-stage strategy plan. It envisages diversifying sources of supply and specifically promoting the recycling of critical metals.


Medical findings, X-rays, prescriptions: With the Health Data Space (EHDS), the Commission wants to utilise storing and making use of sensitive patient data throughout the EU. In essence, it provides for national electronic health records that can be used across borders. The Centre for European Policy (cep) calls for better control rights for EU citizens, especially regarding the so-called secondary use of health data.