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This archive contains all documents published by cep over the last few years:

cepAdhoc: Incisive comment on current EU policy issues.

cepPolicyBrief: Concise 4-page reviews of EU proposals (Regulations, Directives, Green Papers, White Papers, Communications) – including a brief summary and economic and legal assessments.

cepInput: Impulse to current discussions of EU policies.

cepStudy: Comprehensive examination of EU policy proposals affecting the economy.




The Commission wants to introduce a EU-wide reporting obligation for securities financing transactions, tighten rules on the rehypothecation of securities and extend the information requirements for investment funds.


The Commission wants to harmonise the protection of trade secrets in the Member States. The proposed Directive contains, in particular, standard definitions of trade secrets and of their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure as well as possibilities for obtaining redress for any infringement.


The European Commission wants incentives for demand-side flexibility in electricity markets ("demand response") to be increased thereby contributing to network stability. For this purpose, electricity consumers will be increasingly offered variable real-time electricity tariffs. The Commission also points out, in connection with demand response, the required investment in network infrastructure and consumer concerns about data protection.


The European Commission is proposing national ceilings on the emission of certain air pollutants for the period from 2020 and from 2030 and is extending these to other pollutants. The Member States must set up national "air pollution control programmes". These have to contain details of the proposed measures to reduce air pollutants. Intermediate emission levels to be achieved by 2025 will also be introduced.