Publication Archive

This archive contains all documents published by cep over the last few years:

cepAdhoc: Incisive comment on current EU policy issues.

cepPolicyBrief: Concise 4-page reviews of EU proposals (Regulations, Directives, Green Papers, White Papers, Communications) – including a brief summary and economic and legal assessments.

cepInput: Impulse to current discussions of EU policies.

cepStudy: Comprehensive examination of EU policy proposals affecting the economy.




On the basis of the Transparency Regulation, the CJEU has for the first time decided on third party access to documents submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) by pharmaceutical companies. A cepInput explains the background and relevance of the CJEU proceedings and deals with the three main grounds for the decision in the "PTC Therapeutics" judgement.


The EU Commission is planning an amendment to the energy tax directive. Accordingly, national taxes on fossil fuels throughout the EU should be based on their CO2 content and subsidies should be phased out. Against this background, cepFrance has analysed the current French energy taxation.


The economic consequences of the Corona crisis have raised doubts about the creditworthiness of some euro countries. A cepInput comments on the latest ECB bond purchases and gives recommendations on how to deal with the crisis in the euro zone.


The EU-Commission has announced that it will update liabilities rules for digital services and products. Concrete proposals are to be published in the 4th quarter of 2020.