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New EU investment plan based on shaky foundations

Given many unknown factors and interdependencies and due to large differences between EU member states in terms of economic maturity or structure, calculating “investment gaps” is pretending to be in possession of knowledge which is simply not...

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Direct bank recapitalisation by the ESM: Well done - but further changes bring about advantages

If the Bundestag approves, the ESM will be able to recapitalise ailing banks in the euro zone directly from autumn 2014. Significant criticism can be heard, ranging from "too little, too late" to fears that enormous cost may loom for (German)...

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Why the US Net-Neutrality Rule is (not) an example for the EU

Today, the US Communications commission (FCC) will propose new net neutrality rules. A vote within the FCC is set to take place on May 15th.

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The Banking Union: A Paradox and a Reminder

The European Parliament has approved today the regulation on the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM). With this regulation, the Euro-Zone establishes a Banking Union with both the supervision and the resolution of banks being lifted at least partly...

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