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Brexit and its consequences for the EU

I. Integration regarding the single market

There are three options for the UK to preserve access to the EU single market or at least to parts of it (in order of integration with the EU from high to low):

  1. joining the European Economic Area/EFTA (UK...
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The Energy-System Approach

The EU Commission aims to refocus the strategic plan to support energy technology (SET Plan) on the priorities of the Energy Union

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Ecofin rejection of an ESM involvement in the financing of the Single Resolution Fund was the right decision

For reasons relating to incentives, financing the Single Resolution Fund (SRF) by way of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - as bridging finance or as a backstop - should only take effect, if need be, once there has been reasonable financial...

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Combating long-term unemployment

The EU Commission has submitted a proposal for a Recommendation on combating long-term unemployment in which the Member States are urged to set up a single point of contact to reduce red tape for the long-term unemployed

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There is no compelling case for a Deposit Guarantee Scheme for the Eurozone

The European Commission has put forward proposals for a Deposit Guarantee Scheme for the Eurozone on 24 November 2015. The cep sets out six prerequisites such an insurance system should meet.

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EU investment plan solves none of the real problems

Of much greater importance than the promotion of investment using public funds would be to ensure a stable and predictable regulatory framework in conjunction with the reduction of obstacles to investment

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EU Commission's blueprint for a Digital Single Market is quite ambitious

Main problem will be to convince member states to approve EU-wide regulation

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Let's not fool ourselves: An exit of Greece from the eurozone is not without risks

Matthias Kullas warns against underestimating the risks of a 'Grexit' for the rest of the eurozone

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Ending roaming surcharges is arbitrary and uneconomic

Why the EU Commission's policy-driven aim of achieving the same retail prices for roaming and domestic services makes no sense

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Polish proposal undermines credibility of Stability and Growth Pact

Poland wants more contributions by member states to the new EU investment initiative. In return, it wants to grant more exemptions to the Stabilty and Growth Pact.

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