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Exemption from SPC Protection for Medicines


Consumer & Health

By way of an exemption from protection certificates, the EU wants to permit the manufacture of generics and so-called biosimilars for export, even where the original ...more

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Vehicle Safety



The safety of road vehicles as well as vehicle occupants, pedestrians and two-wheel vehicles in the EU is to be improved. For this, the EU Commission proposes a range of ...more

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Access to Social Protection


Employment & Social...

The protection of workers and the self-employed by social protection schemes is to be improved and harmonised EU-wide. The EU Commission has called for this in a proposal ...more

Sustainable Finance


Financial Markets

The Commission is pressing for a more sustainable financial sector and has therefore submitted an Action Plan on the financing of sustainable growth. This provides inter ...more

Online Platforms


Single Market &...

The EU Commission wants to introduce transparency obligations for online platforms and search engines EU-wide, as well as possibilities for redress for online traders ...more

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ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference 2017

Bert Van Roosebeke at panel discussion attended by politicians, journalists and law experts on "The future of Europe", Sunday 28th, May, 2017.