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Economic & Fiscal...

Greece is still not creditworthy. The country has received €289 billion in financial assistance for eight years, but there is still a long way to go to regain its ...more

Establishing a European Labour Authority


Employment & Social...

The EU Commission wants to improve the application of EU law in the area of labour mobility. For this purpose, it proposes setting up a European Labour Authority. The ...more

Prudential Requirements of Investment Firms


Financial Markets

The supervision of investment firms in the EU will become more adapted to their business models and risks. For this purpose, the EU Commission has proposed inter alia a ...more

Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions


Employment & Social...

By way of a new Directive, the EU Commission wants to promote transparent and predictable working conditions for workers. At the same time, the Directive should ensure ...more

Unfair Trading Practices


Single Market &...

Minimum standards will protect micro, small and medium-sized suppliers against unfair trading practices in the food trade. For this purpose, the EU Commission has ...more

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ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference 2017

Bert Van Roosebeke at panel discussion attended by politicians, journalists and law experts on "The future of Europe", Sunday 28th, May, 2017.

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