Still no deal in sight for cash-strapped Greece

cep economist Matthias Kullas tells Germany's Focus Online that an exit of Greece from the eurozone remains unlikely

Greece’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said at the sidelines of the IMF spring meeting in Washington, that the government "will not sign up to targets we know our economy cannot meet by means of policies that our partners should not wish to impose." Still, he vowed the government was spending “every waking hour... trying to reach an honorable agreement." Meanwhile, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned that she wouldn’t let Greece delay its debt payment to the lender. EU Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici told AFP in an interview in Washington, that the European Commission continued to act on the assumption that Greece will remain in the eurozone. cep economist Matthias Kullas also believes that an exit of Greece from the eurozone remains unlikely. If Greece stays in the eurozone it will be due to the political will of its partners, though, and not because the country is actually willing to fundamentally change, Kullas told Germany’s Focus Online. “The euro states will continue building bridges for Greece,” he reckoned.