Plans for road toll remain controversial in German government coalition

cep traffic expert Reichert says the government's draft law for a passenger car toll is violating EU law

Plans for the introduction of a passenger car toll remain controversial in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU-SPD government coalition. Due to many unsolved questions the government’s bill cannot be passed quickly, Soeren Bartol, the deputy leader of the SPD’s parliamentary group, said on Thursday at the first round of deliberations in the Bundestag. The Social Democrats want to make sure that the bill does not violate EU law or legislation existing in Germany’s 16 states. cep traffic expert Goetz Reichert, though, sees the passenger car toll bill violating EU law. “German car drivers will be able to deduct the toll costs from the vehicle tax they are already pay,” Reichert explains. “This is an indirect discrimination of foreign EU citizens.” The EU Commission has repeatedly warned Germany that it will not tolerate such discrimination.