Greece fails to reach initial deal on further aid in talks with EU and IMF

cep economist Matthias Kullas tells German national broadcaster Deutschlandfunk that the EU needs to keep the door open for Greece to eventually make the reforms necessary to qualify for further financial aid

Representatives from the Greek government and the EU/IMF lenders failed to reach an initial deal to unlock financial aid for the country after the creditors dismissed a reform package from Greece as ideas rather than a concrete plan, Reuters reported citing officials. The halt in negotiations was, however, an indication of slow-moving progress in the discussion, the news agency cited a source. A conference call of the Euro Working Group on Greece is scheduled for this Wednesday, according to Reuters. cep economist Matthias Kullas told German national broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in an interview that Europe had always been able to make a step forward when it has been trying to reach a compromise solution. “One really has to keep open the door for Greece right until the end, so that Greece, when it is ready to make the necessary reforms, will actually get the money,” Kullas said.