Germany goes to European Cort of Justice in EU row over renewables' subsidies

cep expert Goetz Reichert: Germany is questioning whether its subsidy scheme for renewables is correctly qualified by the EU Commission as state aid

Germany has filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against the European Commission over the row with the Brussels‘ executive over the country’s renewable energy law (EEG), Germany’s Spiegel Online reported. “Germany is questioning whether the subsidy scheme for renewables under the EEG is correctly qualified by the European Commission as state aid which, in turn, makes it subject to state aid controls by the Commission”, cep energy expert Goetz Reichert explains. “Germany has been denying this assumption already for a long time, given that the subsidies for renewables do not come directly out of state coffers.” According to Spiegel Online, the new EU Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete will meet next week the members of the German parliaments’ economics and energy commission in Berlin.