European Council president Tusk warns vividly against risk of a 'Graccident'

cep economics expert Kullas believes risk is being exaggerated: "A 'Graccident' will not happen"

European Council president Donald Tusk has warned vividly against the risk of Greece leaving the eurozone by accident. “We have to prevent such an idiotic scenario,” Tusk said in an interview with German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung and five other European newspapers. cep economic expert Matthias Kullas takes such a scenario for being highly unlikely. “A so-called ‘Graccident’ will not happen,” he stressed. Even if there will occur a state insolvency, an exit of Greece from the eurozone will not happen automatically, Kullas argued. In order for Greece to leave the currency union, the other euro-states, the IMF and the ECB would have to stop funding Athens, he reasoned. “An exit would, thus, require a deliberate decision by the creditors and the Greek government,” Kullas said.