EU member states want only limited roam-like-home, German daily Bild says

cep expert Philipp Eckhardt says an end to roaming surcharges would be arbitrary and uneconomic

EU member states oppose a quick abolition of roaming fees in the European Union, German daily Bild reported, citing a document from the European Council. According to the paper, consumers would be able to make only 50 minutes of phone calls, send 50 SMS and have 100 MB of data traffic per year in the EU at the same fee as they pay in their home country. cep expert Philipp Eckhardt thinks the proposals go in the right direction. “We believe that a swift end to roaming surcharges would be problematic,“ he explained. “The aim of the EU Commission and the European Parliament to achieve the same retail prices for roaming and domestic services is arbitrary,” he argued. The mobile network operators could only achieve price equality between domestic and roaming services at the retail level if they cross-subsidised domestic and roaming services, Eckhardt said. “This is uneconomic because prices would no longer correspond to the costs,“ he reasoned.